Mountain Run Winery

Our Story

Our Winery

Wine is, at its core, an agricultural product, and a great wine is a reflection of the land that it came from. That agricultural essence is very much a part of Mountain Run Winery. Our one-of-a-kind tasting room is built in a 1960’s corn crib, complete with slatted walls that allow for the free passage of air through the building and adjoining bays that have held tractors and hay wagons for the better part of the last century. As soon as you step inside the weathered oak walls of our barn you’ll feel the deep agricultural history of the setting come alive. Our tasting room bar top was handmade from the corn crib flooring, and much of the old wood on the property has been given new life as planters for flowers and vegetables. In addition, we continue to collect artifacts from around the property (50-year old bottles, old fruit press buckets, and more) and they will all be on display.

Our Farm

Property farmhouse. Originally constructed in 1897

Our late 1800’s farmhouse is ringed by fields of corn and soybeans and is bordered on the northeast side by Mountain Run. Mountain Run connects Mountain Run Lake with Lake Pelham, winds through downtown Culpeper and eventually empties into the Rappahannock river.

Our first acre of vines were planted in 2015. We added a second acre to the property in 2016 and will continue to add additional acres for the next several years. Currently we have Chardonnay, Crimson Cabernet, Chambourcin, and Cabernet Franc vines, as well as a small plot of Niagara, Concord and Catawba native vines. In addition we have blackberries, raspberries, elderberries, blueberries and several varieties of native grapes scattered around the large property.

Our land is also home to deer, bear, wild turkeys, foxes, and plenty of other critters and on a good day you can catch sight of a bald eagle winging its way up from Lake Pelham.

Our Owner

In 1727, Sarah Greenlee was born in Culpeper County to a family of Irish immigrants. In 2015, Sarah’s nine-generations-removed grandson, David Foster figured the time was right to return to Culpeper and he purchased a 36-acre farm on the banks of Mountain Run in Culpeper. David comes from a long line of farmers and pioneers (ask about his connection to Daniel Boone if you get a chance) and the opportunity to work the land and to build something unique drew him to this spot. Genealogical roots aside, David is one of Virginia’s youngest winery owners and the path that led him to start Mountain Run Winery is likely unique in Virginia as well. Following a doctoral degree in criminology, a 22-month deployment to Iraq as a US Army civilian, and a stint as a college professor at George Mason University, David felt the urge to get back to his agricultural roots and to build something lasting with his hands. Knowing a little about farming, but almost nothing about viticulture, David benefited tremendously from the mentorship of other area wineries, farmers and his neighbors. Mountain Run Winery is a testament to the wonderful Culpeper community and the generous spirit of the folks who have helped along the way.

Having seen the realities of war first-hand during a 22-month deployment to Iraq as a US Army Civilian, Mountain Run Winery is honored to offer a discount to all current and former veterans of the US military