Mountain Run Winery
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Mead and Mayhem 2

🕔 December 12, 2020, 14:00

The Second Mead and Mayhem Armored Combat event comes to Mountain Run Winery on December 12th! See teams of heavily armored fighters battling with real swords, axes and maces. Helmets will be smashed, shields sundered, bones rattled and a new champion crowned!

Steel fighting will begin at 2:00 pm in a tournament style and interested teams and fighters should contact the organizer to register.

All attendees are able to camp out Saturday night at the winery, and there will be a bonfire at dusk.

Tickets to watch the melee are only $15/pp and will be sold at the gate.

Overnight camping is an additional $10/pp. If you intend to camp, please contact to reserve space at the campsite.

Mountain Run Winery will have wine, cider and MEAD available for purchase all weekend.

Message the DC Juggernauts with questions about the Armored Combat Tournament and message Mountain Run Winery with questions about camping.

Don’t miss out on an incredible combat weekend with brutal steel fighting, mead, camaraderie and more!

Date 12 December
Time 14:00