Mountain Run Winery
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LARP Adventures Rites of Spring II

🕔 May 11, 2019, 00:00

The Lord & Lady of NovaRegnus, in the land of Osterra, call all ye of adventurous spirit to attend the Rites of Spring II Challenge.

Last year at the Rites of Spring, there was held a great tournament to determine who among his subjects is most skilled with sword, spear and bow. This year at the Rites of Spring Challenge we will find the most clever and brave champions of the realm.

Grab your weapon of choice and join the us for a weekend of Live Action Role Playing, LARP battle, puzzles, games of skill, quests, feasting and revelry at Mountain Run Winery in Culpeper, Virginia.

LARP Adventures is proud to present a new take on the traditional Live Action Role Playing (LARP) event in our Rites of Spring II Challenge. It’s perfect for those who have never LARPed before yet challenging enough that even veteran role players will find their skills pushed to the limit. This team-based, adventure party event combines elements of scavenger hunts, adventure racing, puzzle solving, resource allocation and live action combat, all set within the fantasy world of Osterra where monsters, brigands and dark forces lurk within the forest, swamps and hills.

Date 11 May
Time 00:00